Agricultural Cooperative of Organic & Traditional Products of Corfu


We are a producer group who established this Cooperative, providing not less than an outlet to our products’ promotion.

Our aim is to promote all the products of Corfu and let them be identifiable and proportionately valuable on the market so as for their degradation and Corfu’s in general to come to an end.

Cooperative’s aim

The aid needed (know-how – production methods – products’ absorption etc.) is to be granted via the Cooperative to everyone interested in Agriculture as well as to young farmers. Our will is to succor every attempt of production of Corfu products which will keep the young away from leaving their homes and is going to contribute in the protection of the environment while developing our island’s rural finances, almost vanished lately, with our experienced and informed members.

Another main goal is to simultaneously find more and more ways for the promotion of the products so as for their sales to contribute as much as possible to the Producers.


We’ve started to work with organized consumers groups abroad (BELGIUM – FRANCE). We are also in negotiations with HOLLAND and AUSTRIA.

We sign six months’ agreements for products’ exports with Standard sale prices. Leaving out our members’ products promotion, we try to make the Cooperative produce its own products. In these terms, we have already come with a proposal of hiring almost 6000 olive trees and we negotiate with the owners to integrate a 15-20 years engagement. Afterwards, we are going to materialize the schedule as following:

    1. Soil restoration works.
    2. Re-articulation of the trees (pruning – fertilization – fight against plant diseases etc.).
    3. Production of biological olive oil, eatable olives and soil exploitation for the production of biological honey and other products as well.

Our store, 200 sqm in KANALIA, is open and producers are already placing their products. We may inform you that our Cooperative has the support of the IONIAN-UNESCO CENTRE considering the attempt for Corfu to turn into an island of viable growth.